Shop in Tenjinmae


It is a plan a gallery & shop for vacant tenants. Facing the park overgrown with greenery, a solid cedar board frame cuts out the greenery to create a borrowed landscape. All wall finishes are done by the owner.

From the left side, a mini kitchen + counter table (shelf: supplied by the owner), storage space, fitting room and rest area.

The leftmost hinged door is a WC antique door. The hanging sliding door on the right side is a newly purchased one with a brass round pull tab attached. The storage door of the kitchen is white ash kneaded plywood.

Board doors are provided on both sides of the fitting space for ventilation. Light is brought into the room from the round window in the middle, and wind is brought into the room from the board door.

WC changed the Japanese style to the Western style, dismantled the wall that separated the toilet, and made the floor area larger than before. The waist wall was constructed by plasterer and scraped off cement mortar. The lighting and mirrors on the washbasin were cleaned and used as they were.

COMPLETION : Oct. 2020
LOCATION : Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan