Cemetery in Yokkaichi


The ancestral tombs that have been around for a long time are full, and this is a plan to set up a new branch family tomb.

In this project, we used a technique called small hammering that makes the most of the properties of Aji Hosome stone (white mouth) from Kagawa Prefecture. When the sun hits it, the grains glimpsed through the rough surface sparkle.

The texture is intended to be more enjoyable over time, eventually weathered and returned to the soil. The reason why I didn’t dare to spread gravel around this cemetery was because I intended to return to the soil.

The proportions were decided by studying based on the allocation that has been handed down from long ago. I thought of an exquisite size that is not larger than necessary, but not too small.

COMPLETION : Dec. 2017
LOCATION : Yokkaichi, Mie, Japan
MATERIAL : Aji fine stone (white croaker) small tap finish